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One Day Walk into WordPress

One Day Walk into WordPress

One Day Walk into WordPress

Aug 03 2017 • 3:30pm GMT

A 1 /Day Walk into WordPress

Our 1 day WordPress course will give you the knowledge to create, manage and run a great WordPress website.

Why this is important

WordPress is one of the most used and supported tools for building a blog or a website. Indeed it started out as a blogging tool, but has evolved into something much more powerful, a content management system (CMS) used by millions of people the world round and supported by equally as many people. It simplifies building and managing a blog or website. It is free and easy to customise. It is SEO friendly and more.

Who should participate in the Workshop

Anybody with a desire to build and manage their own blog and website.

Workshop Details


Wordprocessing knowledge

Suitable for


Learning Reference

Getting Started with WordPress by Yetunde Johnson


7.5 hours

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