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How To Scan With The Apple iPhone Notes

Hello Everybody

Apple iPhone time is here again.

On a more serious note, we are looking at the Apple iPhone this week as an office for Mobile Business Users. We started on Monday and if you missed the first two episodes or posts please check the links below.

The first was about adding attachments to Apple email and the second was a look at the new Apple Measure app.

Today we are looking at scanning a document with Apple iPhone Notes.

Apple Notes

I didn’t know till I found it in the app by accident that this nifty little feature was on the iPhone. It is, but it is well hidden. Before I found this feature I had tried both paid and unpaid scanning apps. Some were okay, others were downright awful. This one is effective, easy to use and does what it’s supposed to do. It allows you to scan one page or many pages, without complexity, into one document. It auto detects the document to be scanned , but it also allows you to manually change the area detected if it is wrong. The crowning beauty of this app is the document can be shared by email, to other apps or stored as a pdf. I think it’s pretty cool. Check it out for yourself in the video below and let me know what you think.

It should help you to scan any document whilst you are on the move and get it where it needs to be pronto.

Let me know what you think.

As usual have a productive day.



Apple iPhone Measure

The Apple iPhone Measure


Today is a lovely day. How are you?

It’s Apple iPhone time. Now i have to admit that this is not the actual post i meant to post for today but i had to do this. I wanted to make sure you keep up with any changes in relation to the Apple iPhone as that is what this weeks series is all about.

Normally, please don’t tell Apple, I normally resist doing the latest upgrade to the next version of the iOS, until I am left with no choice. Apple has a way of getting you to that no choice position, as I am sure you have also found. Discussing the particular issue of being given no choice but to upgrade by mobile phone software companies, is a discussion for another day.

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How to add an attachment to email on an Apple iPhone

How To Add An Attachment To An Email On An iPhone


Throughout the week we are looking at the Apple iPhone and how it can be used as an office for professional mobile workers, which literally means everybody who owns an iPhone.

We are looking at the mail app today, just a simple little feature on the mail app that many of us probably need to use on a regular basis. When I first got given this phone and I had to attach a file I found many ways through other apps and the Apple iPhone sharing feature to attach documents and other files to email.

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