Social Media in Nigeria

Focus On Social Media With Oluwakemi


Social media has literally become one of those apparently indispensable tools on our mobile phone and personal computer. IT is used around the world and we also use it locally, here in Nigeria. We use it to watch other peoples’ lives; check the news; get information and updates; do business, be educated;  advertise; market;  connect to friends and family and lots more.

This week Oluwakemi Tadokpede is taking a look at Social Media from a Nigeria and African perspective. Follow our series this week to see what she and others she has spoken to, feel about the current social media trend in Nigeria.

Oluwakemi Tadokpede
Oluwakemi Tadokpede

Apple iPhone and Adobe Acrobat Reader

Good morning Appletime viewers.

Today I bring you another little gem on how you , as a mobile business person can use your iPhone as an office as you move, as part of this weeks series looking into technology.

One the key apps I have used over the years to work from anywhere and which helps me deliver my documents professionally, sign documents on the move, review documents as I go, send documents in a secure format or mix and match information from different documents, is the mobile version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Adobe Acrobat Reader
Adobe Acrobat Reader

Now I do enjoy Adobe Acrobat Reader on the PC but I have found that the functionality of Adobe Acrobat Reader on the PC is limited. In order to get some of the same functionality offered in the mobile version on the PC I have to add Adobe Acrobat Pro and not just stick with the Reader. Now, I may be wrong on this, if so feel free to correct me.

Back to the subject at hand. So the mobile Adobe Acrobat Reader is a lovely must have tool for the mobile business user and in today’s video i show you how to install and use it. I also run through some of the basic features I like, but it does have a few more that you should try yourself.