Privacy Policy Podcast

Privacy Policy Series

This series of Slingshot Technologies LIT (Look Into Technology) in Nigeria and Africa takes a look at Privacy Policy, why we need them, what they are and how we go about creating one. It ends with a discussion with one of the leading lawyers in Nigeria about how this relates to Nigeria and Africa.

Privacy Policy – What Is A It

Welcome to day two of our exploration into privacy policies and why we need one as website owners or app owners. Today we are talking about what is a privacy policy. Yesterday we talked about why you need one, today we are talking about what is a privacy policy.

Now basically a privacy policy explains to any visitor to your site, what happens to their personal information. Especially any personal information they submit or give you on your site or on your app. It basically tells them that we are gonna collect xyz data, we are gonna collect it in this way and we are going to do xyz stuff to it and we are going to share it with xyz people.

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Innovate or Die

Innovate or Die – The Future of Law Practice in Nigeria

One recurring theme that came up a lot at the just concluded NBA-SBL Business Law Conference in Lagos, was the impending disruption to come in the legal services sector. Some law firms are already rising to occasion and implementing new business models, that have enhanced the way they communicate and do business with their clients; adopting a hands-on approach to meeting the client’s business needs, brandishing specialised knowledge in unique practice areas, digital marketing proficiency and providing easier access to legal services in cyberspace. The changing face of legal practice isn’t a new phenomenon, many countries around the world, especially the USA have gone through variations of these changes. The old-line Wall Street law firms in the 1950’s only engaged in specific practice areas like taxes and corporate legal work around issuing stocks and bonds and their decision to be rigid in their business models was based strictly on what was ‘proper’ and ‘dignified’. Litigation was for less fortunate lawyers and hostile takeovers were completely frowned upon.

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