How to add an attachment to email on an Apple iPhone

How To Add An Attachment To An Email On An iPhone


Throughout the week we are looking at the Apple iPhone and how it can be used as an office for professional mobile workers, which literally means everybody who owns an iPhone.

We are looking at the mail app today, just a simple little feature on the mail app that many of us probably need to use on a regular basis. When I first got given this phone and I had to attach a file I found many ways through other apps and the Apple iPhone sharing feature to attach documents and other files to email.

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Computer maintenance


The best way to keep your computer secure and performing at its best is through regular planned maintenance. Especially when that maintenance is provided by a computer professional. Don’t wait until you are at risk of losing valuable information or your computer stops working. Let us assess the condition of your computers with an initial free maintenance analysis.

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Image of a hat to represent Why Do Bosses Veto IT Support Staf?

Why do Bosses Veto Their Tech Managers

Good Afternoon

I need your help in trying to provide a solution to a very worrying problem. I find that most bossess seem to veto or not seek any advise from their tech managers, even though they have been selected for the purpose of being skilled in all things tech. It worries me alot. I would never go to my accountant for legal advise, nor vice versa, so why would the boss not go to the tech manager for any tech guidance, especially when it concerns driving the business toward achieving it’s goals.

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