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This series of Slingshot Technologies LIT (Look Into Technology) in Nigeria and Africa takes a look at Privacy Policy, why we need them, what they are and how we go about creating one. It ends with a discussion with one of the leading lawyers in Nigeria about how this relates to Nigeria and Africa.

How much is your privacy worth to you?

How Much Is Your Privacy Worth?

Over the last five days we have been looking at different things related to privacy policy. One of the things that has come out of that is the idea and understanding, i hope, of what personal data is all about and how it relates to privacy policy. Your personal data and keeping it private or knowing how it is used is important for you to start thinking about. The quote below suggests how important privacy is. Do you agree? Consider this question and let us know.

How much is your privacy worth to you?
How much is your privacy worth

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Privacy Policy - What Do You Need In It

Privacy Policy – What Do You Need In It

Welcome to the fourth part in the Privacy Policy series. In the previuos three sections we have looked at generally what a privacy policy is about and had a more indepth look at what it is exactly. Then we also examined in the last session personal data and what it is.

Welcome to this the fourth one where we are taking a dive into what you need in a privacy policy. What are the different components and text pieces that you need to make up a good privacy policy in these current times.

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Privacy Policy - Personal Data

Privacy Policy – Personal Data

Hey! Welcome to day three of our exploration into Privacy Policy.

Yesterday we dealt with what is a privacy policy. Today we are going to look at what exactly is personal data because a privacy policy is basically about what we do with personal data. Personal data what do you think it is?

As far as i can see it is in the words actually. Personally data is basically any bit of information about you that helps me identify you. It helps me build up a picture of what you’re like. It helps me build up a picture of how much you earn. It helps me build a picture of where you are in the world, the kind of work you do .

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Privacy Policy Podcast

Privacy Policy – Why We Need One

Privacy Policy – Why We Need One Transcript

Welcome today i am talking and thinking about privacy policy. As you know at Slingshot we deal with technology, every day technology, every day technology issues and especially we like to keep you thinking about what you need to do in todays world with technology, about technology, to ensure that you can run your business, online offline in the right way.


One of the things thats been floating around throughout the last couple of years, especially with the onslaught of all the different mobile apps, online softwares, online apps, online websites, e-commerce sites, you name it, blogs, instagram. Is that we everyday are being asked to submit our personal information, on all these differnt platforms, in so many different ways.

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