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A few weeks back we published a post highlighting the top 7 social media platforms in Africa. They were notably Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and other , in that order.

This got us thinking about why social media, in particular Facebook, had such a growing hold on Africa.

We think the key lies in the way African communities work. If you grew up in an African family you may know what i am talking about.

The beginning of any African community seems to start from the most basic community, which is the family and extended family. From the family we extend out. These communities are based on sharing. Sharing places they live, food, money, clothes, conversation, happiness, sadness and more. The sharing is vocal and visual.The communities also exchange goods for services and services for good. They trade, buy and sell from people they like or who others recommend. Commerce.

In this podcast we look gently and briefly at these aspects and how they may form some of the reasons why Social Media works for Africa.