Apple iPhone Measure

The Apple iPhone Measure


Today is a lovely day. How are you?

It’s Apple iPhone time. Now i have to admit that this is not the actual post i meant to post for today but i had to do this. I wanted to make sure you keep up with any changes in relation to the Apple iPhone as that is what this weeks series is all about.

Normally, please don’t tell Apple, I normally resist doing the latest upgrade to the next version of the iOS, until I am left with no choice. Apple has a way of getting you to that no choice position, as I am sure you have also found. Discussing the particular issue of being given no choice but to upgrade by mobile phone software companies, is a discussion for another day. As i was saying i reached the point on my iPhone where i had to do the update into latest version which is iOS version 12.0. I plugged it into power and set the update on it’s merry way. I went to bed.

This morning i disconnected it and rebooted. Nothing too untoward. I, absent mindedly, wondered, what exactly had the new update added or taken away. I didn’t have long to wait. I noticed on one of my screens a new app had been installed. One that i had never seen before. Of course you know how curious I am about any new techy things. So of course I opened it to find out what it was about and how it worked.

Hmm!! I think i like it, especially for mobile workers who need to measure things or people. I have not given it a thorough road test, but I did have a bit of a try out of it this morning. Find out in the following video what the new app is and how it works. I think some people who work on building things might love to try this app out. If you do please come back here and tell us how you found it.

Talk again soon.


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