How to add an attachment to email on an Apple iPhone

How To Add An Attachment To An Email On An iPhone


Throughout the week we are looking at the Apple iPhone and how it can be used as an office for professional mobile workers, which literally means everybody who owns an iPhone.

We are looking at the mail app today, just a simple little feature on the mail app that many of us probably need to use on a regular basis. When I first got given this phone and I had to attach a file I found many ways through other apps and the Apple iPhone sharing feature to attach documents and other files to email. However there came a day, whilst I was in mid flow on an important email and I realised I needed to attach a document to the email. I did not want to have to delete the email, go back to the app where the attachment was and share it to email, before starting to write the email again. So I was stuck. I had to find out, there and then, how to attach a scanned document, picture, or image to the email, whilst in the email. Of course I found it. So today I am sharing this with you, as an Apple iPhone user, because I know any business user on the move just wants to attach the email and move on.

Please check out the video below to find out how to do this. If you have any comments or know of a better way to do this, then please leave a comment.

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