Apple iPhone As An Office for Mobile Business Users

Apple iPhone As An Office for Mobile Business Users

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This is Whyjay from Slingshot and i am here today to talk about the Apple iPhone.

Now, recently i have been given an iPhone and to be honest with you, before now i would not have said I was a particular fan of Apple iPhone. Now its not because i didnt like them or anything i just felt they were too, probably too simple. The geek in me thinking that all you do is just press. However now i have been given one, i have been road testing it and its okay. Its pretty okay.

But what we are talking about this week is the Apple iPhone as a business phone. What i would like to do is look at how different apps, what different apps are available and how they could be used, especially for business users to make them more effective whilst they move around. We basically are trying to figure out whether the Apple iPhone makes a good office on the move. Now there are one or two apps that i found that i thought wow that’s pretty nifty and they do make a business users life much easier, especially if they are mobile business users. Also, bear in mind that the Apple iPhone and the IOS are about the second most popular smartphone in the world and smartphones have a growing share of the market. And if you think about the fact that nearly, a quarter of the market for smartphones by 2020 or 2018 will be in China and they are growing more and more in popularity. But for end users the android operating system is the most popular and the Samsung brand is the top runner. Apple comes a close second though it has been indicated that brands like HUAWEI are catchinng up, but that’s just to the general consumer. But to the business user, the business consumer, Apple still remains very popular.

So we want to take the time out to examine it from the business perspective and particularly with the business mobile user in mind. I would like to invite you to join us on this five day exploration please take time out of your busy schedule to listen in. You may find it very useful, in fact i am sure you will find it very userful. You should be able to apply whatever you find here in your own activities especially, if you an iPhone and you want to use all its extended capabilities. Often you find that you only use ten percent of the functionality of a smart-phone but if you listen in you might extend it to fifteen to twenty percent. So I am hoping you will join me from Monday to Friday as we look at the iPhone as a mobile office for business users.

Thank you for listening. This is Whyjay for Slingshot Technologies.


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