What would the future look like for your personal data

What Would The Future Look Like For Personal Data

Personal data is one part of things we considered as we worked towards highlighting what you need to create a privacy policy. It might have made you think. Especially as privay policies are suppose to help you make a decision whether to submit it on a site or not. Are you beginning to get the feeling that you might be worth something, or at least your personal data might be. Well i came across the following Tedx Talk from TedxBermuda talk on The Future of Your Personal Data – Privacy vs Monetization by Stuart Lacey. It was very insighful and provided lots of food for thought.

Have a listen and consider the three questions posed by Stuart Lacey and provide your own answers.
1. Are you being robbed?
2. Are your missing out?
3. Are you being paid?

See you on the other side.