Privacy Policy - How to Create it

Privacy Policy – How To Create It

Welcome to the fifth part of privacy policy. Today we are going to have a brief chat about the different ways you can quickly create a privacy policy. Its a long document, legal looking, wordy and in some ways very complex. I know when i try to sit down and do ours, i initially attempted to do it in one way, then after looking at it for a few minutes i decided there must be an easeier way to do this. Guess what there are. There are many quick ways in which you can quickly generate a privacy policy. But we are going to look at this stage by stage.

The first option most people could actually take is to get a lawyer to draft out the privacy policy. Especially if you are in a jurisdiction in which you are not sure what the laws are and how they apply to this situation. Then the best thing you need to do is to get a lawyer and let them know what you use data for , how you use it, how you process. Let them have all the details we outlined in the previous section. and from that they should be able to draft you a clear privacy policy for your website. Now a lawyer can be the first point of call and they can also be the last point of call. What i mean by that is no matter which way you produce your privacy policy it is always good to get someone like a lawyer who really knows what the laws are and how they apply to the situation to look it over, so that if there are any glaring gaps in it they will be able to advise you on what to do and how to correct it. So option 1 get a lawyer.

Number 2 you could try and attempt to manually create your privacy policy from scratch. You basically sit down, have a look at what other people are doing and then you attempt to write it line by line until you have completed your privacy policy. It is a long hard way of doing it but some of you might be inclined to do that and there is nothing wrong with that, good for you and i hope you get there. Now if you do insist on doing it the manual way, might i make a suggestion and this will lead me nicely into option three. IF you are going to create your privacy policy manually then try and download or use a template that gives you a rough outline of the basic text needed in the most simple or simplistic privacy policy. Now if you use that basic template, that outline and you build upon it, if you are doing it manually, this will help you and it will help you produce your privacy policy much more quickly.

Now another way of producing a privacy policy, which is the last one i am going to discuss today, is to actually use online tools. Now there are many online websites which basically effectively have a tool that helps you generate a privacy policy. The good things about these sites is that most of them, most of them are free for you to use to generate a simple privacy policy for personal use at zero cost, free. However, the more complex your website, the more plugins you have, the more details you have to give in the privacy policy. Of course you know that the more details you need to give and the more work that needs to be done, with regard to generating the privacy policy, means that there is money involved and someone somewhere is getting paid. The option i choose was to use one of the online free tools. Even though as a business we could not get an adequate privacy policy without having to pay for it, to ensure that all the different causes are covered and are embedded , so that if we should ever be brought into query with regards to our privacy policy it is clearly outlined there in black and white for all to see. Hopefully it should help us stay out of trouble rather than enter into trouble. There are various sites which take you through a series of stages and questions so that it gives them an idea of how to develop their privacy policy, so that you will not fall foul, and it will be done effectively and all the different bases will be covered.

So i am going to give you in the next few minutes a list of the sites, that for personal privacy policy are usually free. However if you are going to need a more complex privacy policy, using these sites you will find that the cost will range from 28 up until 90 plus dollars depending on the functionality. The sites i refer to are :-


I think there is one more, but these three sites they tend to be very similar in the questions they ask. The differential in price for the full combo so to speak, is about 10 dollars between these two sites. I think it was about 49 dollars if you wanted a more complex and comprehensive privacy policy. You also have Ubenda.

Its very important nowadays to have a privacy policy, so it would be an idea to check through these definitions and these websites i am giving you, in case they may prove useful to you. The next thing i would like to talk about is, which also does free stroke paid for privacy policy. You might want to check them out and again it steps you through the standard. Now this is one thing i found that on every website, when it said privacy policy generator, the questions in there seem to be a standard set of questions, that can be used on any of the platforms and that you may also find in use on any of the platforms.

That is all for now. I would like to wish you a successful privacy policy development. I hope you take the time out to do it properly because it will prove invaluable. I will be back in the next part of this privacy policy session with a discussions, with one of the leading lawyers in Nigeria in terms of privacy legal issues. Now we will be looking at different issues that this particular exploration has shown up. We hope we will be bringing you some informed answers and guiding points to help you understand what to do with personal data and what to do with your own personal data.

Thank you.

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