Privacy Policy – What Is A It

Welcome to day two of our exploration into privacy policies and why we need one as website owners or app owners. Today we are talking about what is a privacy policy. Yesterday we talked about why you need one, today we are talking about what is a privacy policy.

Now basically a privacy policy explains to any visitor to your site, what happens to their personal information. Especially any personal information they submit or give you on your site or on your app. It basically tells them that we are gonna collect xyz data, we are gonna collect it in this way and we are going to do xyz stuff to it and we are going to share it with xyz people.

So it is basically an agreement between you and the visitor to your site that you will collect certain data, do certain things with it and share it with certain people. Now it can be a legally binding agreement, especially in countries where they insist that you do have a privacy policy before you ask any visitor to submit any personal details, or credit card details before they purchase or download a product in their country or from their country.

Now why is this important? It is important to the visitor, because if they can read your privacy policy and they should do. If they can read it and they do read it they will have a very good idea of the ins and outs of what will happen to their data and what data they will submit. It helps them clearly understand, the risks, if any they may face in using your site and submitting any personal information. It helps them make a decision whether they want to submit that information in view of what you will be collecting, in view of the way you will be collecting it and in view of the way you will be sharing that data. If the risks are too high, then they wont submit it. If they dont then they will go ahead and submit it. And even if they dont read your privacy policy and you kind of put it in such a way whereby it is enshrined in the use of your website then they are automatically agreeing with it so it covers you. So basically they need to know so that they know the risks they may face in submitting data on your site or on your app.

Now On the flip side of that, you as a website owner, you want to have a privacy policy so that it protects you against claims from visitors or users of your website or app, that you did not tell them how you were going to use their data, or who you were going to share your data with or where you are going to put it. So it does help and protect you against liability. So if you clearly tell them what you are going to do with their data, what you going to collect, who you going to share it with, where you are going to store it in some cases and you do exactly that. They cannot come back to you and say well i am going to hold you liable because you didnt tell me. You did. It is all enshrined in your privacy policy.

Another thing you need to know is that with so many countries, not necessarily in Africa, maybe perhaps not in Nigeria specifically right now, in Europe, in Canada and in America they do have requirements that when a product is downloaded or purchased from within their country, even though it is online, they do have rules and regulations, and you really do not want to fall victim to their laws by not having one. So it is a good protection for you to have a privacy policy that enshrines any and all possible laws in as many countries as you can, that will protect you by trying to adhere to what they require. So thats another reason why you want a privacy policy. But basically a privacy policy, just to reiterate, is an agreement, between you and the user of your site about explaining very clearly to them, what happens to their personal information, when they submit it on your site or on your app.

I hope that helps and i hope that it helps you work towards getting your privacy policy up and running. So that ends day two. Hope to meet you or talk to you again tomorrow as we explore the next issue on the agenda, regarding privacy policy, which is to outline what exactly is personal data?

Hope to talk to you tomorrow.

Bye bye

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