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Privacy Policy – Why We Need One

Privacy Policy – Why We Need One Transcript

Welcome today i am talking and thinking about privacy policy. As you know at Slingshot we deal with technology, every day technology, every day technology issues and especially we like to keep you thinking about what you need to do in todays world with technology, about technology, to ensure that you can run your business, online offline in the right way.


One of the things thats been floating around throughout the last couple of years, especially with the onslaught of all the different mobile apps, online softwares, online apps, online websites, e-commerce sites, you name it, blogs, instagram. Is that we everyday are being asked to submit our personal information, on all these differnt platforms, in so many different ways.

Whether it be through forms; whether it be through facial recognition; whether it be through thumb printing; whether it be through simply answering a questionnaire. And yet we dont really know what anyone is using the data for. So for instance you might come to the Slingshot site and we might ask for your email we might not tell you what exactly it will be used for. Or if you have a website or a blog or an e-commerce site you might require certain personal information from your customers or from the people who come to your site, in order to process an order; send out a newsletter; in order to send further information. But once you do that now a days many countries, Australia , Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, there are one or two others, they now have decided they need to protect the interest of website users, app users, online users in terms of when they are submitting their data.

They want to protect their interest. They want to be able to protect my interest for instance and help me understand what my rights are when i submit any of my personal information to a website, to an app, through any online means whether it be mobile or via the internet. I think that is a good thing because when so much personal data is out there you dont know what, you know what they are collecting but you dont know why their collecting it , where they are storing it, what they are doing with it. It becomes very important to think about these issues, to understand these issues, to really have a good idea of these issues before submitting any information.

That being the case, from the other side of it, people like me and you who might own a website, need to also take into cognizance these factors when we build a website. We need to be able to tell users or tell customers this information. How do we do that?

One way to do that is by having a privacy policy on your website. In some countries it is a legal requirement that any website should have a privacy policy. Other countries they are not so strict on that issue. But what i would like to discusse these issues over the next few days and point out the different issues that relate to it. How do you build a privacy policy that tackles these issues; where do you put the privacy policy if it is on a website or a mobile app; what should your privacy policy contain and how do you build one yourself, whether it be manually or auto generated.

So i hope you will join me over the next few days on this particular discover into privacy policy.

Thank you.

I hope this proved informative.

Till next time.


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