Privacy Policy - Personal Data

Privacy Policy – Personal Data

Hey! Welcome to day three of our exploration into Privacy Policy.

Yesterday we dealt with what is a privacy policy. Today we are going to look at what exactly is personal data because a privacy policy is basically about what we do with personal data. Personal data what do you think it is?

As far as i can see it is in the words actually. Personally data is basically any bit of information about you that helps me identify you. It helps me build up a picture of what you’re like. It helps me build up a picture of how much you earn. It helps me build a picture of where you are in the world, the kind of work you do .

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Privacy Policy – What Is A It

Welcome to day two of our exploration into privacy policies and why we need one as website owners or app owners. Today we are talking about what is a privacy policy. Yesterday we talked about why you need one, today we are talking about what is a privacy policy.

Now basically a privacy policy explains to any visitor to your site, what happens to their personal information. Especially any personal information they submit or give you on your site or on your app. It basically tells them that we are gonna collect xyz data, we are gonna collect it in this way and we are going to do xyz stuff to it and we are going to share it with xyz people.

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Privacy Policy Podcast

Privacy Policy – Why We Need One

Privacy Policy – Why We Need One Transcript

Welcome today i am talking and thinking about privacy policy. As you know at Slingshot we deal with technology, every day technology, every day technology issues and especially we like to keep you thinking about what you need to do in todays world with technology, about technology, to ensure that you can run your business, online offline in the right way.


One of the things thats been floating around throughout the last couple of years, especially with the onslaught of all the different mobile apps, online softwares, online apps, online websites, e-commerce sites, you name it, blogs, instagram. Is that we everyday are being asked to submit our personal information, on all these differnt platforms, in so many different ways.

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