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The best way to keep your computer secure and performing at its best is through regular planned maintenance. Especially when that maintenance is provided by a computer professional. Don’t wait until you are at risk of losing valuable information or your computer stops working. Let us assess the condition of your computers with an initial free maintenance analysis.



Maintenance involves keeping your computers in optimum condition, so that they work more efficiently, allow access to data on them faster and protect your computers, data, and network from destructive intruders.

Maintenance is important to avoid experiencing the following: –

  • increased vulnerability to viruses, hackers, and unscrupulous intruders
  • increased inefficiency as systems will become slow and sluggish
  • increased downtime as systems break down more often and negatively impact your ability to keep staff.

Regular maintenance can provide peace of mind knowing: your computer is running well, performance has been kept in check, software is up-to-date and your system is secure. It is therefore important to have a proactive planned approach to maintenance and schedule regular maintenance. It is advisable to schedule maintenance to be carried out once every three months.


Regular IT staff find that they are already overwhelmed with their regular IT duties and often put off carrying out maintenance because the staff is constantly working and they are constantly providing support. This often means the full maintenance is pushed further down their to-do-list.

We can assist you by coming in during off-peak and downtimes to carry out effective maintenance on each system within your network. Some of the tasks that we will carry out as part of our maintenance service are:-

  • Cleaning your system of unnecessary temporary and junk files that build up over time and can slow down your system.
  • Performing several tasks with the intent of bringing your computer performance back to the level it should be based on your system’s capabilities and the types of software you use. In some cases, specialized software or hardware upgrades may be recommended to improve your system’s performance.
  • Checking that key software is getting updated on a regular basis. This includes your operating system, security software and certain applications you use frequently.
  • Reviewing installed software and software that automatically starts up with your computer looking for signs of unnecessary or undesirable software that may have slipped onto your system, possibly slowing it down, possibly exposing you to security risks.
  • Scanning your system with security software.
  • Reviewing key system and security log files for possible issues.
  • In some cases, physically cleaning key internal computer components of dust and animal hair build up which can severely impact the performance and life of your computer.
  • If you have a backup system or some specialized software you may have made additional arrangements for your computer professional to look over and maintain those areas as well.

At the end of each maintenance, we will provide you with a detailed report on each system, what was found, the action that was taken and recommendations for you to be able to make purchasing decisions in relation to future IT purchases.

To book your free maintenance analysis please call 01-453 5875 – 6, Abdul’s and Kemi’s number (09091553899 & 09091185188) or email



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