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Why do Bosses Veto Their Tech Managers

Good Afternoon

I need your help in trying to provide a solution to a very worrying problem. I find that most bossess seem to veto or not seek any advise from their tech managers, even though they have been selected for the purpose of being skilled in all things tech. It worries me alot. I would never go to my accountant for legal advise, nor vice versa, so why would the boss not go to the tech manager for any tech guidance, especially when it concerns driving the business toward achieving it’s goals.

This thought has kept my mind churning over why MDs and CEOs don’t seem to regard the CIO or the IT Manager as the go to person for the strategic technology direction for the company’s success.

Why is it when most CIOs meet with their bosses they are taking instructions about which technology to buy or which to implement, instead of the CIO actually providing a road map and advice to the board of directors, CEO, Managing Partner or Managing Director?

Are CIOs and IT Managers:-

  • Intimidated by CEOs, MDs and similar?
  • Lacking the technical skills?
  • Lacking business skills and are therefore not able to align the businesses requirements to company goals?
  • Feel that they are not in a position to proffer solutions, it is not there place?

Or are the CEOs right in assuming the CIO and IT Manager are not as strategic as expected and simply continue to bypass them?

What do you think? Your thoughts are valuable. We want to work towards equipping CIOs and IT Managers with the right skills to help IT fulfill the role it is poised to play as the strategic driver of a company to success.

Check out the recent survey by Mckinsey, IT’s future value proposition . This should provide both CEOs, Directors, Managing Directors, CIOs and IT Managers with lots to think about.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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