BitRater is a unique software solution that provides one of the most effective ways to block ransomware and all other unknown malware that could hit you in the future. BitRater is fast and easy to install. The solution can be installed on your system or in the cloud or as a combination.

Our elastic cloud detected and stopped the malware before it was known as Wannacry. BitRaterworks in a fully automated way, which means that you do not have to pay attention to any incidents or alarms – you just get a report of what is blocked.

The main part of the Wannacry malware consists of Windows Executables (EXE files). BitRater will stop these immediately either because they have been blacklisted by the BitRater cloud and in case new versions appear they will be blocked because they are not on the user’s whitelist. The files are @WanaDecryptor@.exe, taskdl.exe, taskse.exe and mssecsvc.exe.

In the current case it is pure luck that the Hackers did not use the code before March ’16 as the vulnerability has been known several months before the hacking Friday. This is why security advices about patching is not enough! – you need to install an extreme efficient endpoint protecting solution like BitRater X-Ray to be protected from any Zero-Days!

No matter whether or not you have installed the security update from Microsoft in March BitRaterwould have protected you against the virus, that had appeared in many NHS. BitRater also protect old systems like XP and Windows 2003 Servers.

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