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"Your Aspiration Is Our Inspiration"

ICT Strategic Solutions

We take your problems and work with you to determine the appropriate and most cost effective solution. We bring together the software, hardware and skilled professionals required to deliver successful solutions that work for you.

Online Presence

We can take you step by step through the builiding of a reliable and eyecatching online presence. We have the tools for the kit required to have a good online presence, from domains to web apps to social interactions.


We help you secure what you value and what holds your value. Our aim is to provide you with protection from industry leaders in the sector that will protect your corporate jewels, your data whereever it resides, on a drive, the network or online.

Walk Through WordPress

The skills you need to create a blog or a website

Coding for Girls

The skills you need to develop simple websites.

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Welcome to Slingshot Tech Angel Point. Here you can make contact with one of our Tech Angels and they can help you with tech tasks. Click the icon below to submit your request

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